RMFM 2020

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Online through Zoom

University of Colorado, Boulder

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6th Annual Rocky Mountain Fluid Mechanics Research Symposium

The Rocky Mountain Fluid Mechanics (RMFM) Research Symposium is a local technical meeting bringing together students, faculty, and professional researchers with a common interest in fluid mechanics. The primary purpose of the symposium is to provide student researchers along the Colorado Front Range and the greater Rocky Mountain Region the opportunity to present and discuss their work in a casual setting. Oral presentations are encouraged from interested students, but a presentation is not required to attend the meeting. Please contact info@rockymountainfluids.org if you would like more information about RMFM 2020.

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Due to COVID-19, we will be conducting the conference virtually with the following format. Presenters will pre-record a video of their research that is no more than three minutes in length. This video can take any form you would like, including but not limited to: recorded oral presentation with slides, video of experiment or simulation, or fluids demonstration. More details are provided below. These will be published two days prior to the conference on platform and taken down August 18th. On the day of the conference, videos will be played in different sessions based on subject matter, and after each video, the moderator will facilitate two minutes of Q&A from the audience and video comments. Additional events during the conference will include a keynote speaker and a panel discussion on diversity.

Our keynote speaker this year will be Melissa Green from Syracuse University. Her research focuses on unsteady fluid dynamics and vortex dynamics. Please visit her website to learn more: http://greenfluids.syr.edu/

The technical program and schedule, including keynote title and abstract, for RMFM 2020 can be found below.
RMFM 2020 Technical Program
RMFM 2020 Schedule

Technical programs for previous RMFM Symposia can be downloaded here:
RMFM 2019 Technical Program
RMFM 2018 Technical Program
RMFM 2017 Technical Program
RMFM 2016 Technical Program
RMFM 2015 Technical Program

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For the first time at RMFM, awards for "Best Presentation in Session" were selected at RMFM 2019. Awardees in each session were:

  • Session 1A, Wings: Riccardo Balin, University of Colorado, Boulder
  • Session 1B, Model Development: Noemi Collado, University of Colorado, Boulder
  • Session 2A, Combustion: Samuel Whitman, University of Colorado, Boulder
  • Session 2B, Making CFD Work: Julia Ream, Florida State University
  • Session 3A, Machine Learning: Karen Stengel, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  • Session 3B, Engineering Applications: Caelan Lapointe, University of Colorado, Boulder
  • Session 4A, Heat Transport: Jacob Johnston, Colorado School of Mines
  • Session 4B, Advanced Fluids: Alison Wallbank, University of Colorado, Denver

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    Abstract Submission

    Abstracts are requested for oral presentations in all areas of fluid mechanics. Oral presentations are a maximum of three minutes long with an additional 2 minutes for questions and discussion. As part of its educational mission, all talks at RMFM 2020 will be delivered by undergraduate, graduate, or postdoctoral researchers.

    Abstracts are limited to a 1300 character maximum and should be uploaded here by 11:59pm Mountain Time on Tuesday, July 21, 2020. Abstract submissions must include the following components:

  • Title of abstract submission
  • Presenting author name and affiliation
  • Co-author names and affiliations
  • Abstract text (1300 character maximum)

  • Lead authors and presenters are limited to one submission. Questions may be directed to info@rockymountainfluids.org.

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    Organizing Committee

  • Erica Belmont, University of Wyoming
  • Michael Calvisi, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs
  • John Farnsworth, University of Colorado, Boulder
  • Peter Hamlington, University of Colorado, Boulder
  • Ryan King, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  • Karin Leiderman, Colorado School of Mines
  • Bradford Smith, University of Colorado, Denver
  • Nils Tilton, Colorado School of Mines
  • Bret Windom, Colorado State University

  • In addition, Ryan Darragh, Mike Meehan, and Prakriti Sardana from the University of Colorado, Boulder will serve as the student organizers for RMFM 2020.

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    This year for RMFM, we will be accepting recordings and playing them for the conference. The video must not be longer than three minutes and should preferably be in the .mp4 format. Although you are free to choose how to record your research presentation, we recommend following the instructions provided by Zoom to create a local recording of your presentation. If you plan to create a gallery of fluid motion video, we recommend looking at examples from APS Division of Fluid Dynamics. Please submit your video using the link provided in the email.

    We are excited for this unique three minute presentation because it forces presenters to be clear and precise in every detail of the presentation, making it very engaging. However, this format may also lead to challenges condensing your research into one compact three minute presentation. If you are struggling, we recommend looking at the Three Minute Thesis and some helpful suggestions for preparation. If you are struggling to formulate a slide format, we recommend the following general structure:

  • Introduction (1 slide) - title of presetation, your name, co-authors, etc.
  • Motivation (1 slide) - why are we interested in this?
  • Prior Work (1 slide) - what have others done before the work you plan to present?
  • Present Approach (1 slide) - what is your approach to the problem?
  • Results (1-3 slides) - what did you discover?
  • Conclusions (1 slide) - what can we conclude about your results?

  • We look forward to seeing all the presentations!

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    For questions or more information about the Rocky Mountain Fluid Mechanics Research Symposium, please email info@rockymountainfluids.org.

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    Support and Acknowledgments

    Support for RMFM is gratefully acknowledged from the Paul M. Rady Department of Mechanical Engineering and the College of Engineering at the University of Colorado, Boulder and the Departments of Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mathematics and Statistics at the Colorado School of Mines. Additional support has been provided by Herbert and Karen Vogel through a Vogel Faculty Fellowship at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

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